Halal Certification In Jordan

Halal Certification In Jordan

Halal Certification In Jordan

Halal Certification In Jordan is an Arabic which means permitted or allowable and Halal Certification gives confirmation to every single Muslim customer that the food is processed as per Islamic laws (Sharia). The food items which are consumed by Muslim people group in day by day life are in consistence with the procedure and methodology as characterized by Islamic laws which are likewise nutritious, pure and guarantee quality. Rules to be followed by the producer or processor of food which builds up the halal procedure. The certification, however appropriate to meat industry, is likewise appropriate to industries that procedure milk, canned nourishments and added substances. There are hardly any obligatory necessities in Halal Certification.

The Certification would assist the Muslim people group with identifying the satisfactory food item and would likewise support the business in barely any zones of countries where the Muslim population is in more numbers or plenty. So as to meet the requirements of Muslim and other people Halal Certification plays a dynamic part by which the product is certified according to the guidelines of Islamic Sharia Law, Food Safety Management System and Quality Management System all together the product certified is safe for Human consumption and meeting the religious principles and beliefs. Muslims are forbidden from consuming blood. Meats that are considered haram as per Islamic Sharia law are such as pig, cat, dog, tiger, donkey, or any other haram. Animals can only be considered lawful in emergencies situations while an individual is facing hunger and his life can be saved through the consumption of this meat.


How to get Halal Certification In Jordan? – Our 5 simple steps:

Step1: Apply for the Halal Certification In Jordan

Step 2: Provide the list & specifications of the product produced along with the required documents

Step 3: Identify the product to be complied with HALAL practices

Step 4: Inspection of the process & procedures

Step 5: Achieve the Halal Certification In Jordan!


Benefits of being Halal certified are:  
  • It provides a gate pass to enter global market
  • Permitted food according to Islamic law and guidelines
  • Helps other supporting standards such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • Competitive advantage in export market place
  • It improves customers confidence in your food products and as well as increases credibility
  • It will assist with guaranteeing Halal customers in importing countries
  • Avoid losing Muslim customers and gains more business.
  • It enhances your organization’s reputation that consequently increases the profitability of your business

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