ISO stands for international organisation for standardization. This firm is a standard setting body which designs International standards and publish them. Considering an example, ISO 9001 standard is a well-known International standard published by ISO.

The cost of ISO certification varies upon the size of the organisation and the levels of management system that must be implemented with the particular International standard as per the requirement. Get a free quotation for your company from our end by just dropping in email or just giving us a call.

A certification body simply provides ISO certificate based upon the requirements of the organisation. Once the establishment clears the audit done by the auditor from the certification body, CB issue certification to the company.

Generally, the validity of the certification depends upon the certification body that the organisation chooses. Based upon the quality service and other subjected relate to recertification audits.

international organisation for standardization published over 20000 different types of international standards across the world. Based upon the type of companies, implementation of different standards is done. ISO 9001 standard which focus on quality management system is the best International standard to start with any type of establishment.

Only the authorized members such as technical committee and ISO members are allowed to use the ISO logo in accordance with the ISO policies. Since ISO logo is a registered trademark.

It is one of the business improvement tools that enable trust and assurance to your customers that the organization is following standard methodologies

ISO is an international agency that was established since 1947 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

ISO has published more than 22000+ of standards depending upon the organizations scope, activities, needs and expectations.

Depending upon the organization’s scope, the consultancy would provide you the best suggestion and few of the standards that are commonly used for manufacturing industries are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 since they are generic standards.

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