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ISO 22000 Certification

What is ISO 22000 certification?

ISO 22000 is a Food Safety Management System Standard certification developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) mainly dealt with food safety. ISO 22000 is derived from ISO 9000 and it ensures organization follow regulatory and statutory food safety requirements.

Find out the benefits of being ISO 22000 certified are:

  1. Internationally recognized standard for controlling food safety hazard.
  2. Possible integration of the food safety and quality management schemes within an organization
  3. Provides a clearly form of communication and management commitment
  4. Demonstrate an organization’s commitment to food safety.

Importance of ISO 22000 Certification

  • Implant and improve the internal processes needed to provide consistently safe food.
  • Ensuring consumers trust in the quality of the products
  • Reduce the risks of accidents arising from lack of food safety
  • Follow HACCP in order to compete in the biggest markets all over the world.
  • Set objectives that will drive companies efforts to comply with this policy
  • Planning and designing a management system and documenting system
  • Maintaining records of the performance system
  • Establishing traceability system for identification of products.

HACCP certification vs ISO 22000 certification

HACCP is a food safety system – audit using HACCP methodology will not meet ISO 22000 requirements.
ISO 22000 is food safety management system standard – audit using ISO 22000 methodology and requirement will meet HACCP requirements.
ISO 22000 standard process definition?
ISO 22000 standard is a process of a collection of interrelated or interacting activities to convert inputs to outputs. For example, take the basic process of making bread.
For the production of bread, what will be the supporting process?
Raw materials, such as Rice gloats the sub process is divided into stages – purchase, control, storage.

What is the inputs to the Raw Materials process?

  1. Documents requirements for which they must purchase rice groats,
  2. Resources (People, money, transport).

What is the way out for the Raw Materials process?

  1. Documents on the quality of raw materials,
  2. The raw materials themselves for transfer to production.

There can be many sub processes, for example – staff (staff reception, training), Infrastructure (equipment, system, repair), Sales (storage of products, transportation to the consumer).

ISO 22000 certification helps the organization to attend the market stability with sufficient economic stability. ISO 22000 standard is one of the important and majorly considered International standards published by the international organization for the food safety management system.

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