ISO 22301 Certification

ISO 22301 certification – Business continuity management system 

ISO 22301 is one of the most efficient international standards that help the organization by providing the requirements of business continuity management system. This standard provides a guidelines or a framework to establish, implement, plan, monitor, operate, review, continually improve and maintain the business continuity management system. It helps the organization to prevent, prepare, respond and recover for the incidents which are disruptive. The standard helps you to identify all kind of potential threats to your business activities and builds a capacity to fight with unforeseen events or disasters.

ISO 22301 will guide the organization in the field of designing a business continuity management system which is suitable for the organizations needs and expectations so that it meets the stakeholder’s requirements as well. These needs and expectations are considered by the factors such as a regulatory, legal, industry factors, organizational factors, the products and services of organization, its structure and size, the processes and its interested parties.

How does it work?

ISO 22301 certification is based on the high level structure called as Annex SL that shares a common Framework with most of the management system standards which will help to maintain the consistency and also to align with many other management system standards that match the high level structure and apply common requirements across the standards.

This high level structure enables the organization to incorporate the business continuity management system into their core processes by increasing its efficiency and getting more involved from the senior management. It is one of the essential told for your organization to demonstrate its ability to the stakeholders and your other interested parties that you are organization can properly overcome all the disruptive operations to provide effective and continued services

ISO 22301 certification means Business Continuity Management System

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