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CE Mark Certification In South Africa

CE Mark Certification In South Africa

What is CE Mark Certification in South Africa?

CE mark is the most recognized product certification of all time and it is a standard which is drafted by EU member nations and hence any product which needs to be marketed in European Union should be certified for CE mark.

How to get CE Mark certification in South Africa? – Our simple 5 steps:

Our steps are easy, unique, time-bound, and result-oriented.

  1. Determine the EU Directives that apply to your product.
  • Classifying the product and identifying the applicable Directives & Regulations.
  • More than one Directive/Regulation might be applicable to your product!


  1. Identify & Cover the applicable requirements of the directive(S)
  • Identifying & evaluating your product against the essential requirements.
  • Ensure the product meets all those requirements.


  1. Compilation of technical documentation
  • Preparing for the technical formalities and evidence.
  • Review of the technical aspects related to the design, manufacture and/or operations of the product.


  1. Creating a Declaration of Conformity (DOC)
  • An acknowledgment by the manufacturer stating that the product meets all relevant product safety requirements of the applicable CE marking directives.
  • Creating and signing a Declaration of Conformity.


  1. Affixing the CE mark!
  • Labeling and marking the product as per the specifications.
  • Finally, affix the correct CE marking label on the product.


What does CE mark certification in South Africa mean?

CE mark stands for European conformity I need is a set of regulations that should be followed while manufacturing the product and once manufactured the product should be safe to use. There are different directives in which the products are categorized and each category has a set of similar products. The certificate is issued based on the directives.

How can I get CE mark certification in South Africa for my products?

The answer is fairly simple all you need to do is to connect with a properly-recognized consulting organization for CE mark in South Africa who can help you in achieving the certification for your products. The criticality of the product also plays a part in achieving the certificate and if your product falls under medical devices then there is a separate method of certifying those products. You should choose a consulting firm that is aware of all the requirements and is capable of providing the certification for any kind of product in any category.

How much does Cost for CE mark certification in South Africa?

The cost of seamark depends completely on the type of product and the number of products you manufacturing but the thing to note is that even the consulting company whom you choose for this service also play a major role in the costing of the CE mark certification, However, the pricing of CE marks certification cannot be generalized and there is no fixed price for any international certification.

Who can get me CE mark certification in South Africa?

Certivatic is one of the most popular consulting organizations that can help you and guide you throughout the process of CE mark certification.

We Promise to provide you the certification and it’s guaranteed if you choose us as the service providers for CE mark certification service in South Africa for your organization. Visit us on and you can connect with us through multiple means provided on our website or you can directly write to us at We would be happy to receive your inquiry and to assist you further with the CE Marking Certification in South Africa.

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