CE Mark Certification In Philippines

CE Mark Certification in Philippines

CE Mark Certification In Philippines & its significance

CE Mark Certification In Philippines is a symbol that a manufacturer attests to a product so that it can be marketed in the European economic area. The logo is mandatory for the products which fall under European directives. It is a declaration of the manufacturer that their products would meet all the requirements of European Union’s directives of CE marking. This certification enables that the products have been evaluated by the manufacturer and it is forced to meet the European Union’s health, safety and environmental protection requirements. CE Mark Certification In Philippines is considered to be the passport of European countries because once you are certified by meeting all the regulations and directives of CE mark you can trade your products freely throughout the European economic area without any hazel.

How to get CE Mark Certification In Philippines? – Our simple 5 steps:

Our steps are easy, unique, time-bound, and result oriented.

  1. Determine the EU Directives that apply to your product.
  • Classifying the product and identifying the applicable Directives & Regulations.
  • More than one Directive/Regulation might be applicable to your product!


  1. Identify & Cover the applicable requirements of the directive(S)
  • Identifying & evaluating your product against the essential requirements.
  • Ensure the product meets all those requirements.


  1. Compilation of technical documentation
  • Preparing for the technical formalities and evidence.
  • Review of the technical aspects related to the design, manufacture and/or operations of the product.


  1. Creating a Declaration of Conformity (DOC)
  • An acknowledgement by the manufacturer stating that the product meets all relevant product safety requirements of the applicable CE marking directives.
  • Creating and signing a Declaration of Conformity.


  1. Affixing the CE mark!
  • Labeling and marking the product as per the specifications.
  • Finally, affixing the correct CE marking label on the product.


Overview – CE Mark Certification In Philippines:

The logo of CE mark appears on many products which are being traded in the European economic area and it is a required for many products because it:

  • Shows that the manufacturer have assessed the products to meet the European union’s environmental, health and safety requirements
  • It acts as an indicator for a products meeting with European Union legislations
  • It acts as a passport that allows the free movement of products within the European market or European economic area.
Benefits of CE Mark Certification In Philippines:
  • This concept was introduced to make the trade easier and cheaper between the European countries. Which means the manufacture declares that their product meets to the legal requirements for safety health and all the environmental conditions which are subjected to European directives.
  • It gives an assurance to your end users that your products are safer and are more reliable, hence it reduces the risk of customer dissatisfaction.
  • CE mark in is a globalised standard so your products can get a worldwide recognition and hence you can import or export the products easily without distractions.
  • CE marking indicates your quality of the products.
  • It is not possible to reject the CE marked products by considering the legal reasons related to norms since products would have met all the regulation before placing it in the EEA.
  • It acts as passport for free trading in 30 different countries bringing you more benefits by selling the products.

It is the maker of new things who needs to apply the stepping and who is responsible for the right utilization of the EU requests and rules. Comparable requirements apply for the transporter setting a thing on the EEA-market. Regardless, there are various others who are as well related with CE Mark Certification in Philippines.

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