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CE Mark Certification In Kuwait

What is CE Mark?

CE Mark is a European standard that states that the organization product and its packaging are as per the set European regulation and it falls under the new approach directives of CE. When a product complies, CE Mark means that it is in accordance with security requirements imposed by Europe. A product with CE Mark is a safe product and can be commercialized in any country within the European Union. CE Marking is not the same as origin marking and it can be compatible with other quality marks.


How to get CE Mark Certification In Kuwait? – Our simple 5 steps:

Our steps are easy, unique, time-bound, and result-oriented.

  1. Determine the EU Directives that apply to your product.
  • Classifying the product and identifying the applicable Directives & Regulations.
  • More than one Directive/Regulation might be applicable to your product!


  1. Identify & Cover the applicable requirements of the directive(S)
  • Identifying & evaluating your product against the essential requirements.
  • Ensure the product meets all those requirements.


  1. Compilation of technical documentation
  • Preparing for the technical formalities and evidence.
  • Review of the technical aspects related to the design, manufacture and/or operations of the product.


  1. Creating a Declaration of Conformity (DOC)
  • An acknowledgement by the manufacturer stating that the product meets all relevant product safety requirements of the applicable CE marking directives.
  • Creating and signing a Declaration of Conformity.


  1. Affixing the CE mark!
  • Labeling and marking the product as per the specifications.
  • Finally, affixing the correct CE marking label on the product.


Benefits of being CE Mark certified are:  

  • CE Mark is the fact that it helps companies to access European markets easily.
  • CE Mark also helps in reducing liability claims and providing safety at the workplace.
  • CE Mark helps in improving the company and product image
  • CE Mark helps in improving the market value in the European markets
  • Product reliability once the product is revealed in the market and it is a more secure product for both assembling and customer satisfaction is accomplished.
  • Gain more business local and International.
  • The product will be more secure for the customers and this may similarly reduce harm and risk claims.


Is CE Mark mandatory?

It is for those products that are regulated by CE marking directives and CE marking should be attached prior to the commercialization of the product or before it is put into operation. Public authorities of the member states of the European Union can penalize those manufacturers that put products on market without CE Mark. The penalties range from fines to prison sentences.

Who is responsible for sticking CE Mark – The responsibility lies with the manufacturer of the product or the person responsible for its commercialization. When applying CE Mark the manufacturer offers a high level of protection to the end-user. What form does the CE Mark have and where is it positioned – The form and size of the CE Mark symbol are regulated. Do not confuse CE Mark with other symbols that look suspiciously similar to the China Export symbol. The CE Mark should be visible, readable, and permanent.

CE mark Certification in Kuwait on a product is the manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of all the Directives/ Regulations that apply to it. It indicates to the appropriate bodies that the product may be legally offered for sale in their country.

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