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Halal Certification In Saudi Arabia

Halal Certification In Saudi Arabia

About Halal Certification In Saudi Arabia

Halal Certification In Saudi Arabia is a dietary standard for all Muslims around the world, the word halal food is been described as consumable foods and products which are permissible and lawful in the holy book of Quran. According to Islam, Muslims must consume only halal food to keep-up sound physical health to contribute their insight and exertion for the welfare of the general public. Halal is applied to nourishment items, meat items, beauty care products, pharmaceuticals, nourishment fixings and contact materials.

How to get Halal Certification In Saudi Arabia? – Our 5 simple steps:

Step1: Apply for the HALAL certification

Step 2: Provide the list & specifications of the product produced along with the required documents

Step 3: Identify the product to be complied with HALAL practices

Step 4: Inspection of the process & procedures

Step 5: Achieve the HALAL certification!

Halal Certification In Saudi Arabia and its advantages:  

Halal certification is a procedure where the organizations comply halal standard for processing their products and get the certifications from a reputed certification body. The advantages of Halal certified products are:

  • Gate pass for global market: Islam is the second largest followed religion in the world and Muslims are spread across in all major countries, they will buy only Halal marked products so it is certain that getting Halal certification will boost your sales in overseas market.
  • Customer confidence: Halal mark on the products will motivate customer to purchase and helps to gain customer confidence.
  • Brand value: Halal certifications will add value to your products and this could become a unique selling point for your products.
  • Follow law of land: In several Islamic countries it becomes mandatory for the manufacturers to produce Halal standard products to deal in the local market
  • Good practice: Halal is not only a procedure defined in Islam but also a good practice to be followed by a manufacturer of any consumable product, Halal is truly a set of lawful practices which will provide basic hygiene if followed.
Halal Certification In Saudi Arabia is only for meat processing industries? 

Halal is applicable for all the sectors engaged in manufacturing and producing products which are consumed by human beings. The sectors include:

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Meat processing units
  • Packed frozen fruits and vegetable traders
  • Producers of beauty products and cosmetics
  • Fisheries
  • Poultry farms
  • Dairy products
  • Animal feeds
  • Dietary supplements

Halal Certification In Saudi Arabia, As we explained above there is some restriction applied for food in Islamic rules and halal fulfills this rules and regulations.