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ISO Certification In Philippines

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ISO Certification in Philippines

ISO Certification In Philippines and its significance:

ISO (The international organization for standardization) is a global organization that works to furnish the standardization across the company’s and array of products. The main aim of ISO is to facilitate trade, Process improvement, safety and other quality factors in the organizational parameters.

The headquarters of the ISO is situated in Geneva, Switzerland. It is an independent, non-profitable and non-governmental organization that consists of 160 plus of national standard bodies and other the network organization as actual members of ISO. It involves in developing the specification for services, systems, products and procedures where they can measure their level of brilliance. The concept of this international organization for standardization came into existence to streamline the process varying in the industries to make sure the consistency and safety of the products.

Benefits of ISO Certification In Philippines – International organization for standardization

ISO Certification
Global Business
  • Standardizing the product has been one of the influential factors in breaking down all the barriers related to trade and awakening the companies to enter into the global markets.
  • The purchasing of suitable parts from the international origin awakens the organization to decrease their expenses and offer a competitive costing
  • Regulated export and import requirements could eliminate lot of problems in international transactions.
Consumer safety and satisfaction
  • Increasing the consumer confidence in the products would become more reliable, safer and quality
  • ISO enables the end users to be proactive in their processing industries and select a quality services and products.
How to get ISO Certification In Philippines? – Our effective implementation steps:
Our method/steps are easy, unique, time-bound, and result oriented.
ISO Certification
Gap Analysis:
  • Interacting and detailed study of current work flows in different departments, operating procedures, documentation and practices.
  • Identifying any shortcomings of your organization against the requirements of ISO.
  • Generating a Gap report and planning for implementation
  • Creating awareness about ISO standard and its importance.
  • A formal training session/s.
  • It includes training on internal auditing, documentation training, mock audit and trainings to conduct management review meeting.
  • Documentation is the manifestation for your entire organizations process, procedure and results.
  • End-to-End support on preparing documentation as per ISO requirements.
Internal Audit & MRM:
  • Internal Audit (IA) as a tool, it is a cross departmental audit to ensure zero loophole in the system of your organization.
  • MRM: Management review meeting (MRM) helps top management to guide and ensure the whole organization is up to the mark as per the standard requirements.
Final Audit and Certification:
  • Certivatic – Your certification is our responsibility!
  • With our 100% track record of success, we make sure Certification is achieved successfully.
List of International standards published by ISO:

The international organization for standardization is one of the largest publishers of the standards throughout worldwide. These standards are very important for regulating the business performances, manufacturing and quality purposes. It has published more than 23000 plus of standards consisting of 700 + of technical bodies for standard development.

Now let us see top international standards and how they affect your business:

iso_philliphines ISO Certification

It is one of the important international standards specifying the quality management system requirements for the organization in order to achieve customer satisfaction and continual improvement in a process.

It is the family of international standard that provides a necessary guidelines and tools for the organization to manage their environmental responsibilities

To manage the occupational health and safety in the organization, the international organization has published this standard which helps to prevent all kind of work-related injuries by providing a strategic framework

It is an internationally recognized standard that combines the ISO 9001 approach and HACCP principles to provide an assurance for the food safety at all the levels. It can be applied to any industries involved in food supply chain.

This standard focuses on helping the organization by managing all kind of security threats by providing a proper security requirements formed by the international organization for standardization.

Apart from these standards there are many other international standards like CE Mark, HACCP, GMP and approaches like VAPT, CMMI, Audit process which will suffice your requirements. But these standards are not necessarily from ISO. You can contact us directly for any such requirements.

ISO Certification in Philippines is breakdown a every single significance that the association can accomplish when the usage of ISO standards happens. The administration framework must be sufficiently able to withstand all the Threads that are confronted remotely or inside. Tending to each chance concerning finding an answer so as to give stable administration framework is the undertaking that individuals from top administration should deal with ISO Certification in Philippines.

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